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About us

We are a catering and home delivery company specialized in vegetarian and vegan options, committed to creating tasty and nutritious dishes.


Our philosophy is based on the use of fresh and varied ingredients; this allows us to offer a wide range of flavors, textures and presentations, ensuring that each meal is a unique experience.


In addition to our dedication to gastronomic quality, at Veg It we are committed to an innovative delivery service. From the comfort of your home, office or special event, we deliver surprising and rotating menus… From exotic creations to modern twists on classic favorites, every delivery is a culinary surprise.


Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your special moments!

Why Veg It

Because more and more of us want to eat in a healthy and balanced way, at least during the week.

Because vegetarian and vegan food is not just salads, legumes and rice… we promise you variety and lots of flavour! 

Because we love the food from the world, and being able to revisit the classics of the countries in vegetarian optics is the most fun and challenging thing that could happen to us in the kitchen.


for a better world

Veg It no es solo comer rico.
También queremos cuidar el medio ambiente. Para esto nos enfocamos en:

Sustainable packaging

Made of corn and sugarcane, you can throw them directly in the organic bin.

Delivered by bike

Our riders do sport and do not pollute.

Zero waste

We only cook what you order, no food goes to the bin.